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Our goal is to help customers from all over the world, giving them access to a variety of useful materials and information, at any time. We select the best spices from all over Indonesia, collected from local farmers who put quality first so they won’t let you down.

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To be Indonesia’s largest and globally competitive widely owned distribution network that empowers small entrepreneurs and fulfills customer needs and expectations

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  • To satisfy customer needs and expectations by focusing on high quality products and services.
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  • To develop entrepreneurial spirits and skills in the Company and the society.
  •  To develop a reliable, healthy and growing organization which benefits all stakeholders.

Over 425tons Candlenuts has been exported

Indonesian Candlenuts has been exported over 425tons by only Belawan port, Indonesia.

What is Candlenut ?

Candlenut (Aleurites moluccana (L.) Willd) is one of the multipurpose trees that have been cultivated widely in the world. This plant can reach a height of up to 20 m and a diameter of up to 90 cm. Generally the shape of the candlenut tree branches is winding, irregular, stretches wide and hangs on the side branches.




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It’s a natural oil that’s produced by cold pressing oil from the kukui nut tee—scientifically known as Aleurites Moluccans, or the candlenut tree. Though it’s most well-known for how well it moisturizes the skin, it holds a greater significance. The oil is derived from is the state tree and has been used in religious ceremonies for years and years. It’s also a symbol of rejuvenation.

Candlenut cake is a potential feed raw material as a source of protein, ranging from 18-22%. The fiber content of candlenut cake will be fermented so that the protein content will increase and be easier to digest

Candlenut shell briquettes can be used as an alternative fuel because they have a high calorific value 6061kcal / kg which basically meets the Indonesian National Standard and the Emission Standard of the Minister of Environment Regulation Number 05 of 2006 regarding gas emission thresholds.

What can we made from candlenut ?



Activated Carbon / Activated Charcoal


Candlenut Oil / Kukui nut Oil









Candlenut Cake / Animal Feed


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